Cultivate and build long lasting relationships with your end-consumers utilizing Soul-K’s solution for Large Organized Distribution.

At home or in the office, for a break, or for lunch break, perhaps a quick dinner? Soul-K has the take-away solution. Make your offer attractive with recipes based on market trends, compostable packaging and captivating communications.

Recommended product: FitUp

Are you looking for organic or plant-based products or do you have special customization needs? With the FitUp system, you can build a wide range of products designed ad-hoc exclusively for you, in just a few weeks. From fresh ready meals to pre-cooked and portioned vegetables or fish, we offer everything today’s modern consumer requires and gives you a smart approach to the kitchen.

As policy, we do not use dyes or stabilizers or glutamates. The quality of our ingredients is guaranteed through our unique supply chain and the artisan producers that distinguishes use from our competitors.

From low temperature cooking, to brazing to pressure cooking, each ingredient is manipulated to enhance its natural characteristics. Products are fresh but maintain a long shelf life thanks to packaging in a protective atmosphere, to ensure nothing goes to waste.