Optimize your business with the Soul-K solution developed for restaurants.

Improve acquisition speed, reduces the need for kitchen personnel, helps control stock and standardizes quality. Increase the amount of time you dedicate to your customers’ satisfaction and innovate while you continue to grow your business.

Recommended product: Ready To Chef

Ready to Chef combines the easy of semi prepared food ingredients with a suite of digital tools to allow for a new approach to cooking and serving.

With the semi prepared ingredients from Ready to Chef, you can reduce or completely eliminate the need for morning prep work. The raw ingredients are guaranteed by the specific agricultural centers and the artisan production which distinguishes them from our competitors. From low temperature cooking, to brazing to pressure cooking, each ingredient is manipulated to enhance its natural characteristics. Products are fresh but maintain a long shelf life thanks to packaging in a protective atmosphere, to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Increase the level of customer satisfaction, reduce costs and get back time.

The Soul-K system is easy to use. Access our store from any smart device anywhere and just choose from hundreds of ingredients or create a list of your preferred items. The items will arrive in just 12 hours or whenever you have scheduled the delivery.

Semi prepared food ingredients from Soul-K help reduce over 80% of prep time, including cutting, portioning and cooking. Create new recipes quickly so your clients can test quickly which are their favorites.