Control through the Cube.

CUBE PRO is the tool that automatically monitors your products in stock and transforms your refrigerator into a cutting-edge tool that can be controlled from anywhere.

Thanks to our RFID technology, CUBE PRO sensors can read every package that comes in or get out of your fridge automatically.

Designed for you needs.
Built for daily life.

Easy Installation.

Easy Installation.

Place the Cube PRO on your refrigerator and connect it to your Soul-K account. In just a few simple steps the system is operational.

Ysabel, it's even more intelligent.

From your account you can check in real time what products are about to expire first or check the quantities of each product present in your fridge. Monitor your activity from the dashboard. You can ask what product are you consuming the most? What is the value of your stock? On what day of the week do you have withdrawal peaks?
By setting your minimum stock thresholds (ex: 2 kilos of chicken breast or 10 portions of parmigiana) at the end day you will be notified with a shopping list already set. Just confirm, so as not to ever forget to reorder products.

Use the system daily based on your habits.

Ask and you shall receive

CUBE PRO works by voice command. Do you want to know when the curry sauce expires? Just say "hey YSABEL, how many trays of curry do I have in the fridge? " YSABEL will respond immediately with the correct amount.

Even when you're away.

CUBE PRO controls whatever you need thanks to an integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Available starting April 2020.
Take part in the revolution!

Preorder your CUBE PRO now. Just fill in the form and receive immediately a PDF with technical specs.

Requests are non-binding and without immediate payment required. Cube PRO can only be used in conjunction with Soul-K products.


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