Developed to bring you optimal results.

Our R&D department can generate new opportunities for your product personalization and customization needs. 


You always want to make the best choice for your customers, and We feel the same.


Time to Fit.

In just a few days, we can create a brand-new product or product line, mad just how you want it with your preferred materials. We’re a partner that can help you save time and money on specialized machinery, warehouse space and expert staff

How it works?

1) Tell us about your project.

2) Our team will review your request, complete a market analysis and create an ideal recipe focused on your end customer.

3) review samples or test them in-market.

4) We gather feedbacks, make any necessary adjustments to the recipe and finalize the project.

5) Receive the finalized recipe along with the specs. The intellectual property belongs only to you. Transform every recipe into a company asset.

6a) Give us the go-ahead to produce your product and the R&D costs are free.


6b) Archieve your recipe and keep it for future use. 

“An innovative platform for professials in the food industry”.

“Through their ability to leerage large volumes (soul-K) is able tolawer prices while making the commercial kitchen more accessible”.

“Anew food business, simplifying the creation of menus, the management of suppliers, and cost control without sacrificing quality and innovation”.

Ready to FIT? 

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