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Our line of semi-finished ingredients.
With the new Ready To Chef E2, your ingredients are seasonal, from specific agricultural center in Italy and owned by local family farmers. Most of our semi-prepared ingredients are certified BIO/Organic. We have directed relationships with fisherman/fisherwoman in the Nordic countries and throughout Italy who supply our fish. 

With daily delivery and an online ordering system, order when you want and receive the items the next day.

More recipe possibilities to deliver your customers the greatest experience.





Pasta & Grains


Much more

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Ready-To-Chef E2 helps reduce food waste by providing prepped food ingredients that cost on-par or less than raw materials that require preparing in-house. 

Your new partner in R&D


Our FitUp department can open up new opportunities for your customization needs. Tell us what do you want to achieve and in a just few days We can complete a market analysis and create an ideal recipe focused on your end customer. Test and samples, We gather feedbacks and provide you with the finalized recipe along with the specs. The intellectual property belong only to you. Transform every recipe into a company asset. 

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