Useful in any recipe.

From exceptional ingredients professionals expect exceptional flavors. Although, everyone has different needs from cooking to processing to storage methods. The semi prepared ingredients in Ready to Chef have everything you need to support a modern production flow.

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The Mise-En-Place of the Mise-En-Place.

Our semi prepared ingredients are designed to always provide you with the mise en place of your dreams. Potatoes already cleaned, diced and cooked al dente so that you can chop them, blend them or fry them in minutes. Octopus or steak cooked in sous-vide, ready to be grilled or broiled. Boiled quinoa cleaned and ready for your poke. Everything your team needs to be ready for service, but with a click.
  • 150+

    Semi-prepared ingredients

  • 80%

    Time reduction in preparation line

From top quality ingredients emerges huge possibilities.

Professionals love the great raw materials which become Ready to Chef. Italian vegetables, Friends of the Sea fish, antibiotic-free meat, organic and whole grains, all preserved naturally without chemical preservatives, dyes, antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, or glutamate. Ready To Chef E2 is the system created to allow you work with best raw materials.

Like technology? Why yes, thank you.

The Ysabel management system makes everything possible. Order from our online store today for delivery tomorrow. Check your previous purchases, create lists with your favorite products or those which inspire you to create a personalized experience. Manage all your purchases in a completely new way from one single place.
  • 6

    Different categories

  • 90%

    Of your purchase needs available in our store.

Much more than just an ingredient.

Often kitchen space is limited and often food processing errors generate waste, stress and limit the creativity of the chef. At the base of Ready to Chef E2 is a cutting-edge kitchen. Low temperature cooking, pressure cooking, braising, grilling, each ingredient has its own unique process. With Ready to Chef, you are the entire kitchen team.
  • 30%

    Less in spend.

  • 70%

    More machinery.

A new ally for your business.

Nothing superfluous because everything has been carefully calculated. Ingredients are designed to last, but without preservatives, thanks to manufacturing and packaging techniques in protected atmosphere. The fresh ingredients in Ready to Chef E2 have a shelf life between 7 and 30 days. They are clean and have already undergone the early stages of processing that generate most of the loss of weight allowing you to take advantage of every gram you buy. Standardizing your recipes has never been easier.
  • 100%

    Of what you get is usable to avoid waste.

  • 250 - 1.000

    grams per portion.

Food safety without worry.

We guarantee strict controls of our raw materials with hundreds of laboratory tests per year along with monthly audits of our suppliers. Throughout our production facility all workspaces are temperature controlled with divisions of areas by product category. All this makes Ready to chef the best ally for your food safety and streamlining HACCP procedures.

  • European food safety certification

  • 200+

    Laboratory tests per year

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