Semi-finished goods for your kitchen idea.

  • Optimize personnel and warehouse
  • Receive your orders the day after
  • Reduce waste and control FoodCost
  • Shorten the preparation time of the line

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Spread your creativity.

From funds to sous vide,
 from cleaned fishes to processed greens, from corn to personalized cookings. We simplify your lines, you raise the product with your own creativity.

N. of semi-finished goods


Shrimps and squids in sous vide on peas cream.

Look how Makram Koumachi used Soul-K’s semifinished goods.



  • Sous-vide shrimps  
  • Sous-vide squids
  • Peas Cream

Cookings aimed at preserving the integrity of the ingredient.

Made ad hoc.

One ingredient, many faces.



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Made for professionals. Hotels Restaurants - Banqueting

Ready To Chef is the product studied to respond the needs of your kitchen.

  • Optimize personnel and warehouse
  • Reduce waste and control FoodCost
  • Shorten the preparation time of the line

High quality semi-finished goods.

Base your offer on a large variety of ready to use ingredients and receive them in a few hours directly at your business. Your shopping list has never been so smart.

Optimize your kitchen. Your team of kitchen experts in a click.

  • Reduce waste thanks to our 5 days shelf-life

  • Plan your warehouse on your daily demand with our delivery service in 12 hours 

  • Optimize the work of your team with a ready line 

Easier. Faster. Smarter.

Born ready

Soul-K is your professional kitchen in a click. You can order when you want, where you want.

We deliver everyday

Optimize the warehouse and order only what you need. We deliver in 12 hours. Forget wastes.


Our analysis department, supported by AI algorithms studies the market everyday to guarantee you the perfect product for your customers.

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