A new era for ready to eat meals.

Gourmet taste and over 45 different recipes a day available in our line of ready to eat meals. The future has already arrived!
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Exceptional, from the very first taste.

Raw materials cooked to perfection separately to enhance their natural characteristics with little use of seasonings to be adaptable to every palate.

Simple and always available.

Our online store is so simple to use anyone from 10 to 90 years old can use it. Order from any smart device and receive your delivery within 24 hours. Let yourself be inspired by over 45 different recipes per day or create lists with your favorite products for a personalized experience.

Switch is the first subscription system in the world for food business professionals. Choose from any of the recipes in our store without having to worry about how much they cost, because every dish costs one Switch point.

Your Switch subscription is billed monthlyso you can cancel at any time without fear of penalties or switch between packages without difficulty.

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If in a month you don't consume all of your Switch points, you can carry any excess points over to the following month. If you need to close for vacation or holiday, you can pause your subscription.

A selection like you've never seen before.


16 innovative recipes that change every two weeks to keep your customers wanting more.


20 recipes that represent the most well-known traditional of Italy with a focus on local ingredients IGP.

Burgers and Meatballs

More than just street food, these 10 recipes range from vegan burgers to traditional chopped meat.

Designed to last and for those who prefer NO ADDITIVES.

Our ready to eat meals are packaged without preservatives or stabilizers, but thanks to our cooking and packaging technique in modified protected atmosphere, Switch meals can be maintained in the refrigerator for a minimum of 7 days.

Food safety without worry. We guarantee strict controls of our raw materials with hundreds of laboratory tests per year along with monthly audits of our suppliers. Throughout our production facility all workspaces are temperature controlled with divisions of areas by product category. All this makes Ready to chef the best ally for your food safety and streamlining HACCP procedures.