Easier than ever.

Easier than ever. Soul-K's suite of digital tools helps professionals manage orders, check warehouse stock and communicate with customers from anywhere. Discover the most advanced integrated application in the business.

All the information you need, just a click away.

Scroll among our list of hundreds of products to discover everything from the ingredients list to tips for serving. With our new Gallery view, Ysabel displays images of each product from multiple perspectives.

Order immediately.

With Ysabel you can create lists of your favorite products or schedule orders for the entire week. Order from any device and save hours of work with a few simple clicks.

Your design in an instant.

Create a menu to share with your customers directly from our platform! Just choose a template and Ysabel will automatically create a menu structured on your orders, with an ingredients list and allergens.

Connect with your customers.

Advertising your business is simple with Ysabel. Share your daily offer via email with your most loyal customers or publish photos of dishes on the menu with a click!

Manage stock like never before.

Install CUBE PRO on your refrigerators in minutes and be able to control the quantity of products in stock, shelf life, measure sku's as they both enter and exit your fridge in real-time. Use the voice control feature for added efficacy.

Always at your side.

Our customer service is always available to help you make the most of Ysabel. From setting authorization levels or restrictions for staff to manage purchases, account personalization to review products, to the creation of orders so that you never forget a deadline.
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