A revolutionary way to manage your kitchen

A brand-new system to manage all your internal kitchen processes. Created by professionals for professionals in order to work more efficiently.

A new approach to the “mise en place”

Our line of high-quality semi prepared ingredients to create a brand new recipe or to integrate in your existing menu.

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A new generation of complete ready-to-eat meals

The same high-quality ingredients from Ready to Chef but compiled into over 45 different recipes available every day. All the ready-to-eat meals you desire for one low price.

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Your partner in R&D

In just a few days, create your own personalized items. An entire team of research and development professionals available at your disposal.

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The application that integrates everything you need in the kitchen. Manage orders, keep track of stock, analyze trends and much much more.

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Your smart assistant to automatically track in real-time products currently in stock, their shelf-life, and when items leave or enter your stock with a single fridge-mount unit.


Discover a new solution for every type of food business

Bar & Bistrot

Resturant quality but with the speed of a bar. Reach new heights with the Soul-K system created for bars and bistrots.
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Fast Casual & Ghost Kitchen

Have the flexibility to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX while being more customer centric with Soul-K’s unique system created for ghost kitchens and fast casual businesses.
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Food Delivery

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX while getting access to unique digital tools which can help you focus more on your customers.
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Bringing new efficiencies to your F&B department is easy with Soul-K’s solution developed for hotels and resorts.
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Create stronger relationships with today’s consumers with the Soul-K system made for large organized distribution
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Optimize your business with the Soul-K solution made for restaurants.
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Move to compostable packaging!

Available now, 100% compostable packaging for our products.